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Friday, 15 June 2012

A study of a beautiful brown penis:
Sent in by a lovely reader at
Let's take a closer look? 
Click to enlarge.
So smooth and brown. Notice the perfect amount of hair.

Focus on the testicles. Beautiful aren't they?

The hair distribution is perfect on this male.

Notice how pulling back the foreskin reveals a beautiful pink head.
Most uncut desi boys have a rosy pink tip to their penis which looks beautiful with the dark brown skin.

Semi-hard, you can see the pink peeking out.

Showing the length and thickness. Overall a beautiful desi boy.

Thanks for sharing! Let me know what you have learned from this study. ;)


khakibum said...

Your description alone is enough to get my own cock twitching - but seeing it on screen so reveals its beauty. Now let me suck it off!

Anonymous said...

hot desi cock...pubic hair like his really turns me on. Want to bury my face in his bush.

Anonymous said...

wow m wet n horny pls fuck my mouth pls and i love to lick pubic hair

honey dutt said...

ohh love to bury my face in his bushy hair and give him a nice and hot suck

jaggu said...

really great indian uncut cock with good captions. love to take that semi hard cock in my mouth and feel it grow thick and hard inside my mouth as a starter

Anonymous said...